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Our Story is Your Story

Meet Our Founders

Sanchita and Sanjay Prasanna

A chance reading of an online blog on hypothyroidism and its relation to gluten became the turning point for our founders, Sanchita and her husband Sanjay, who were both struggling with pain and weight gain. After giving up gluten and sugar, the couple began to see dramatic changes in their health. Apart from losing weight, they began to feel more energized, healthy and better each day.

The Struggles with Health

For over a decade, Sanchita had suffered from heel pain. It impacted her ability to stand and walk, she needed orthopedic inserts. She was also dealing with acute digestive distress, with no trigger foods identified. Sanjay, meanwhile, been diagnosed with fatty liver disease and high cholesterol.

After a sudden onset of health issues ranging from increasing fatigue to sudden sensations of being cold or hot and continuously gaining weight, Sanchita was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, caused by Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Over the next five years, her lab results improved with thyroid medication, but traditional medicine did not fix the constant fatigue, joint pain and increasing issues with food.

The Journey towards feeling better

Both Sanchita and Sanjay shifted to a ketogenic diet to improve their health. Low carb and keto became a lasting lifestyle for them as their cholesterol and thyroid levels became normal and they lost a combined weight of over 90 pounds.

A low carb lifestyle helped Sanchita identify her food sensitivities, what to eat and what to avoid. Sanjay fulfilled his dream of hiking up Mt Whitney, 6 months after starting a clean keto and low carb lifestyle.

Our Beginnings

Finding the right kind of low carb products, made from healthy ingredients and gluten free, was a constant challenge. Sanchita started making and selling her own line of keto products to local customers. She signed up with a food delivery company and became the first Keto and Low Carb chef on their platform for the Bay Area.

Doing this made her realize people were in need of low carb products that were made from clean and simple ingredients. They decided to start their own food manufacturing company for low carb products.

With that, Living LoCarb was born.


Living LoCarb’s mission is:

To be a trusted brand for high quality, delicious and nutritious low carb products that nourish and energize.

To provide food choices that encourage a healthier lifestyle.

To inspire and build a community that “Eats Well and Stays Well”